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“How to Stop Low Ball Offers and Win Policy Limit Awards for Your Soft Tissue Spinal Injury Claim!”

(Brought to You by Your Local 911 Car Injury Doctors!)

Topics Include the Top 7 Personal Injury Award Categories:

  1. The Top 5 Injury Financial Drivers and the Necessary Documentation to Fulfill Each Category!
  2. The 4 Categories of Documentation Necessary to Defend Against the Preexisting Injury Argument!
  3.  How to Use the 14 Injury Magnifiers to Defend Against the Low Property Damage Argument!
  4. How to Use the Financial Claims Worksheet to Convert the Doctors Documentation into 4 Distinct Injury Awards!
  5. The Doctors Documentation Necessary to Demand and Win a Policy Limit Award!
  6. How to Use the 12 Documentation Categories of the Doctors Narrative Report to Support Your Demand Letter!
  7. The 25 Categories of a Successful Doctors Deposition or Trail Testimony!

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